Curriculum LS (Double Degree)

Curriculum in

The Comparative Social Policy and Employment Relations curriculum (also known as Labour Studies cv) prepares students for careers as social and labour policy analysts, project officers or policymakers, in the private and public sector, in applied research, social research institutions, public administrations, European and international institutions, NGOs. Its graduates are qualified to start an academic career at international academic institutions in the social science field.

I year Compulsory courses

Comparative political economy

II year Compulsory courses

Labour Markets and Globalization
Comparative Employment Relations
Social Innovation and the Welfare Mix
Advanced Labour Law

 Double Degree / Universität Bremen

Beginning in the Winter Semester 2015/16 the “Social Policy” Master Programme of the University of Bremen and the Laurea Magistrale “Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies” Master Programme of the University of Milan will offer to 4 students per university and per year a double degree programme in English. This opportunity is restricted to students choosing the Curriculum B on Comparative Social Policy and Employment Relations

Students on the programme will spend their first academic year at the University of Bremen and their second academic year at the University of Milan.

Students apply to the Programme at their home institution and this institution is responsible for screening the applications according to their regulations and providing the host institution with a list of selected and eligible candidates. The final admission of students is always subject to final approval by the host institution. In addition to the enrolment at the home university, students participating in the double degree programme enrol at the host university.

Students, who have the University of Milan as their home institution, enrol at the University of Bremen for the 1st and the 2nd semester, students having the University of Bremen as their home institution, enrol at the host institution for the 4th, 5th and 6th trimester.

The universities will waive the tuition fees during the obligatory studies at the host university. Students will be responsible for covering the travel and, if applicable, visa costs to the host country and living costs during their stay. The students’ obligation to pay other public dues or duties while enrolled at the host university remains unaffected. For enrolment at the University of Bremen, the students need documentary proof of health insurance coverage. Students will have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus grant, given that the Double Degree is part of the international mobility programs.

Four Erasmus scholarships are available to students choosing the Double Degree program.